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OSASCOMP is a mnemonic for a tricky bit of English grammar that you know, if you're a native speaker, but you probably don't know that you know.

Opinion, Size, Age, Shape, Color, Origin, Material, Purpose.

It's the order in which to place adjectives. It's harder than you think!


@publicvoit, Dankeschön, reicht mir schon um meine Entscheidung zu vereinfachen.

BRAKTOOTH Bluetooth Exploit: "attacker is able to execute arbitrary functions implemented in the target ESP32’s firmware"

@simon, it seems like there are only KDE Apps featured there...

Keep up with what is new in #PlasmaMobile: Plasma Mobile Gear 21.08 is out and it comes with general improvements to speed and stability and new features for the clock, podcast and weather apps.

The @opensuse Project wished #SUSE a Happy 29th Birthday. Sept. 2, 1992 💚! Congratulations! Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag 🍻 #SUSEGoGreen

The FSF is seeking a principled, compassionate, and capable leader to be its new executive director. This position can be remote or based in our Boston office:

Happy Birthday, Linux!

30 years of age.
31,479,666 lines of code.
10.4 changes per hour.
1,031,305 commits.
Almost 25,000 contributors.

Countless freedoms ❤️

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