New week, new Kalendar release: say hi to v0.2.0!

- Drag and drop incidences to change their dates/times
- Manage and customise your calendars in more depth
- Loads of bugfixes

Read all about this week's changes:

@dmoonfire, most ideas that people have (or have seen somewhere else) are pretty good ideas.

@dmoonfire, so similar and not similar as :)

hm, but there are shortcuts to jump to the note list, but that's not enough for your use case...

You could open a feature request...

@dmoonfire so we are talking about scripts for QOwnNotes like and You could open issues or feature requests to the maintainers of those scripts or adapt the scripts yourself.

@dmoonfire what are false positives in tagging and what do you mean by an open tag page?

RT @[email protected]

I didn't expect the Financial Times to have an elaborate string of economics jokes on its 'page not found' error page but here we are


KDE is turning 25 years old soon. What is one thing you appreciate about KDE? Tell us in the comments!

#Kdenlive is entering a phase of many massive changes. First up, KDE's full-featured video editor is now part of the ASWF's list of recommended tools, alongside software used at Disney, Warner Brothers, Netflix, Amazon Studios and more.

Stayed tuned for more exciting announcements in the coming months.

@publicvoit, phew, I had similar issues when copying code or configuration from webpages.

@celia I never had use for the desktop client, since the browser extensions do the same and I need those anyway. 😉

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